Joris and Joel answer all your Ethereum questions

Joris and Joel go through lots of Ethereum questions from the proposed Q&A site for Ethereum on StackExchange.

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How to create a multisignature address on ethereum?
I want to write a contract that relies on hidden information, but Ethereum transactions are public. Any workarounds?
How can I issue a token that has proof of work under ethereum?
How should I handle blockchain forks in my DApp?
How can an Ethereum contract get data from a website?
How can you send messages to another ethereum address via the interface? And what is the size limit?
In web3, how can I get the return result of a function called with `send_transaction()`?
How does Ethereum prevent executing code from looping indefinitely, blocking transactions?
In Solidity, how can I create a function with a variable number of parameters?
Where is the private key for a contract stored?
Why is Ethereum switching to Proof of Stake?
How will Ethereum avoid mining centralization due to network latency given the 1 second block times proposed for Serenity?
What are the issues involved in selecting a gas_price for a transaction?
How can I debug a smart contract?
How can I verify an Ethereum transaction signature from inside a contract?
How can I edit a buggy smart contract?
How can I update contracts after they are created?
What is the max amount of data that can be stored if Ethereum is used as a decentralized file storage blockchain? And ether costs vs amount of data?
What makes the Ethereum mining algorithm ASIC-resistant?
My miner isn't listed on
How do you use your coinbase address for mining?

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