LTB Live: TheDAO, ETH, Soft-Fork, DoS and what's next

A live Q&A session to discuss the latest developments in theDAO, Ethereum, the aborted soft-fork, the DoS vector that caused the soft-fork abort, the next steps (hard fork?) and the implications. Join Adam, Stephanie and Andreas and several guests for this live Q&A

Hosts: Adam B. Levine, Stephanie Murphy and Andreas M. Antonopoulos, from the "Let's Talk Bitcoin" podcast - the longest running English podcast on crypto-currencies

- Prof. Emin Gun Sirer of Cornell University, security expert
- Tone Vays, financial analyst & trader
- Lefteris Karapetsas, Technical Lead @, DAO expert
- Alex van de Sande, Lead designer, Ethereum Project
- Griff Green, community manager,